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This week, we begin with an article that talks about Meta & Google seeking permission from US to use an undersea cable system to handle growing internet traffic with Asia & not compromising with the privacy & security of US data. Next, we have an analysis on open data which clarifies that focus of open data is on non-personal data. Then, we have a story on the UK police data leak on dark web by cyber-criminal gang Clop, after Dacoll refused to pay the ransom. Following that, we have a piece on recommendations by a parliamentary panel on data protection bill to expand the bill to regulate non-personal data & tougher norms to regulate social media platforms. Next is an article that accesses the risks associated with delaying the adoption of open data by financial institutions. Lastly, we have a piece on leveraging synthetic data to overcome the barriers and discover & explore the true potential of AI.

US Recommends Approving Google, Meta Undersea Data Cable To Asia

The Biden administration on Friday recommended Alphabet’s Google and Facebook parent Meta get permission to use an undersea cable system to handle growing internet traffic with Asia. The administration urged the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to grant licenses for the companies to send and receive data on the existing 8,000-mile Pacific Light Cable Network. The undersea fibre-optic cable system connects the United States, Taiwan, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

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Estonia Government CTO: Open Data Is No Free Lunch

Information is everything. As we become more reliant on data-driven information structures in business and in life, our ability to access and use increasingly open data through applications, web services and even in dedicated devices like consoles and kiosks becomes part of the fabric of everyday life. But what is open data, how is it used, how is it secured… and above all, how can we ensure that privacy controls are in place to ensure compliance and governance levels are met on a 24×7 ongoing basis?

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Russian Hackers Leak Confidential UK Police Data On The ‘Dark Web’ After Their Ransom Was Rejected

Confidential information held by some of Britain’s police forces has been stolen by Russian hackers in an embarrassing security breach, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. The cyber-criminal gang Clop has released some of the material it plundered from an IT firm that handles access to the police national computer (PNC) on the so-called ‘dark web’ – with the threat of more to follow. 

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Industry Concerned Over Inclusion Of Non-Personal Data, Expanded Localisation Mandates, JPC Report

Industry representatives have raised concerns on certain recommendations of the parliamentary committee on data protection bill, including those around inclusion of non-personal data and expanded data localisation mandates, and said these will harm people’s rights and impact businesses.

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Why Delaying Using Open Data Is One Of Banking’s Biggest Risks

Some decision makers in financial institutions are opting to wait and see how the Open Banking era unfolds before embracing open data as a key component of their strategic plan. If you’re one of those debating whether to be a leader or a follower, the reality is that you may already be lagging behind the world’s leading organizations. Delays in accessing open data through the cloud are putting many at a competitive disadvantage as others create plans designed to leverage the opportunities.

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How Synthetic Data Might Impact AI In 2022

Data is the new oil in today’s rapidly developing age of AI, but collecting and processing accurate data can sometimes be expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, many are today making their own fuel, one that’s both inexpensive and effective, known as synthetic data. The data is created in a digital environment rather than being collected from or measured in the real world. Synthetic data is artificially generated data that reflects real-world data, either mathematically or statistically. 

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Source: https://mailchi.mp/zigram/data-asset-weekly-dispatch_20_december_1

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