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This week, we begin with an article about how location data collected by apps can jeopardise individual privacy and the need for data privacy regulations. Next, we have a piece on how open energy data could potentially help mitigate climate change and achieve greater sustainability globally. The following article examines how open government data can aid in the development of AI-driven public interest technologies. Following that, we have an article about how purpose-built databases are displacing relational database management systems (RDBMS) and opening up new avenues for the database sector. Next is a piece about the alleged Clubhouse database breach, which has 3.8 billion user phone numbers for sale on the Darknet. Finally, we have an article on how a UC Berkeley research team developed a machine learning system that uses satellite images to help address local problems.

This Outed Priest’s Story Is A Warning For Everyone About The Need For Data Privacy Laws

One of the worst-case scenarios for the barely regulated and secretive location data industry has become reality: Supposedly anonymous gay dating app data was apparently sold off and linked to a Catholic priest, who then resigned from his job. It shows how, despite app developers’ and data brokers’ frequent assurances that the data they collect is “anonymized” to protect people’s privacy, this data can and does fall into the wrong hands.

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How Open Energy Data Can Promote Sustainability

Open data is critical to climate change mitigation and achieving greater sustainability globally. From an energy standpoint, open data might include data sets such as those captured via smart meters to show everything from household energy use to spatial and renewable energy data. Open energy data, available to all, can be analysed and used in ways that help significantly reduce energy consumption at both an enterprise and consumer level.

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AI-Driven Public Interest Technologies: Employing Open Government Data To Achieve It

As exhibited at the Government of India’s inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) conference, RAISE 2020, there is a growing recognition that AI poses to significantly accelerate progress towards achieving improved developmental and socioeconomic outcomes. In fact, studies published by Nature and the McKinsey Global Institute demonstrate that AI could enable improvements in 100+ targets across the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This progress is generally thought to be from AI-driven technological interventions.

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Fit For Purpose: The Case For The Purpose-Built Database

Remember when the only database in town was relational? Things have changed in 20 years. Today, the venerable old relational database management system (RDBMS) still presides, but the market is also filled with new database types designed for different kinds of jobs. Database concepts predate the RDBMS, in the form of hierarchical and network databases, and even further back in the form of punched card collections.

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Clubhouse Database Allegedly Hacked, Company Denies Claims

In the last few months, Clubhouse has taken the internet by storm with its unique features, even as experts remained unsure about how safe the platform was, as shown in this article by India Today. Unfortunately for the users, the feats have come true, and the platform has allegedly suffered a database breach. To make matters worse, even if you don’t have an account on Clubhouse, chances are there that your phone number is compromised. 

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A Machine Learning Breakthrough Uses Satellite Images To Improve Lives

More than 700 imaging satellites are orbiting the earth, and every day they beam vast oceans of information — including data that reflects climate change, health and poverty — to databases on the ground. There’s just one problem: While the geospatial data could help researchers and policymakers address critical challenges, only those with considerable wealth and expertise can access it. 

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