Data Asset Weekly Dispatch (Episode 1)

Presented by Abhishek Bali, CEO ZIGRAM, the Data Asset Weekly Dispatch is a video series based on the weekly newsletter of the same name, which covers important stories about the impact of Data Assets on our world.

This week we begin with a New York Times article about a slowly developing but critical debate on how much coronavirus case data should be made available to the general public. The next article is about a new Coronavirus research, based on a mathematical model for India, that suggests a 49-day lockdown may be necessary to control the COVID-19 epidemic in India. After this is a story about certain organizations using location and related data to map social distancing measures and healthcare across different countries. Then we include an article about the sudden increase in demand for satellite images to ensure remote monitoring of facilities and to estimate the economic impact of the virus. Following this is a piece about the use of data mapping to track healthcare service availability and the spreading of diseases. To end, we include a link to a COVID-19 dedicated research and statistics page by Our World In Data, which is both insightful and comprehensive.

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