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This week, we begin with an article introducing the open metaverse, which is in the early development stage & is anticipated to inspire the development of new opportunities for interaction with online communities. Next, is a piece talking about the aspects that the marketers should consider for harnessing the power of first-party data. Then, we have an essay explaining dirty data, its types, associated cybersecurity concerns, and how organizations can protect themselves. Following that, we have a piece examining the typology for adopting the appropriate cloud database. Next, is an analysis of digital twins for improving data center efficiency & sustainability. Lastly, we have a story on the increased adoption of digital transformation by organizations which entails modifying company practices, cultures, and tactics using technology.

Toward A Smarter, Trustworthy And Data-Rich Open Metaverse

The metaverse has attracted significant attention from business leaders working across various fields, with organizations of all sizes entering the metaverse in different ways. Citi recently said this concept of extended reality could represent an opportunity worth up to $13 trillion by 2030. By combining the physical and virtual worlds persistently and immersively, the metaverse is becoming the next iteration of the internet, known as Web3.

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Preparing For A Cookieless World Means Maximizing First-Party Data

With Firefox, Safari and Edge already blocking third-party cookies, and Google removing them by the end of 2023, marketers will need to adopt alternative solutions for targeting potential customers. An Adobe Digital Trends report found that 60% of senior executives say that the loss of third-party cookies will have a disruptive effect on their marketing. Obviously, the time to re-think marketing strategies is now.

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Three Dirty Data Cybersecurity Concerns For Business Enterprises

Modern enterprises are driven by a high volume of data that influences many business decisions. Product improvement, marketing, advertising trends, business risks and product performance — these are elements of business that depend on accurate data for quality decision-making. Despite how crucial data is to enterprises, there is no denying that enterprise data can also be marred by inaccuracies that may result in dirty data. 

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Cloud Database Options: Which Type is Right For You?

Gartner just revealed that the three Hyperscalers are now the largest database vendors. Arguably, no other enterprise software has spawned such an extensive industry. What is even more curious, after over half a century of commercial databases, new database companies keep popping up with impressive regularity, and there is no indication that this market will converge or consolidate any time soon. 

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19 Ways Digital Twins Improve Data Center Sustainability

As enterprises look to operate more sustainably, they are demanding more from their digital infrastructure – not only from a cost and efficiency perspective, but from an environmental one, too. Arno van Gennip, vice president of global IBX operations engineering at Equinix, told VentureBeat, “Digital twins are becoming key to improving data center efficiency and reducing our customers’ carbon footprint at every stage – from design to construction to facility management.”

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Overcoming Key Challenges To Achieve Success With Digital Transformation

Companies across industries have embarked on digital transformation initiatives for several years. The Covid-19 pandemic didn’t spur this movement, but it certainly accelerated the need for digital transformation across the enterprise. As a result, it now seems that every company has a toe in this water. The pandemic also marked a moment of truth for many organizations, forcing them to assess if what they were doing was truly transformative and driving anticipated results. 

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