Hackers Target School, Data Science Programs, Data Gravity, Democratization, Legal Research Platforms and Data Quality Market Opportunity

This week we begin with an article on hackers leaking personal information of students and teachers of a school in Nevada, on account of school officials refusing to pay the ransom. Next, we have a piece by MIT Management Review, that discusses the need for organizations to implement successful data programs by mobilizing resources, aligning people, and setting goals. The following article is about the “Data Gravity Index”, a means for measuring data gravity intensity across geographical locations, a relative proxy for measuring data creation, processing, and aggregation. Then we have a piece that highlights the importance of data for our future and the need for “Democratization of Data”. Following this, we have a story on privacy risks associated with legal research platforms which call for more transparency in the processing of results and user data. To end, we have included an article on the growing problem of data quality and how this problem presents a huge market opportunity.

Report: Hackers leak student data after Nevada school officials refuse to pay ransom

Hackers have leaked private data about students and employees of Nevada’s Clark County School District, which includes Las Vegas, after school officials declined to pay ransom, The Wall Street Journal reports.

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Getting Serious About Data and Data Science

Data science, including analytics, big data, and artificial intelligence, is no longer a novel concept. Nor is the important foundation of high-quality data. Both have contributed to impressive business successes — particularly among digital natives — yet overall progress among established companies has been painfully slow.

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Data Gravity Grows Regional Data Center Needs

Dave McRory coined the term Data Gravity in 2010. Data gravity is the ability of bodies of data to attract applications, services and other data. The force of gravity, in this metaphor, is manifested in the way software, services and business logic are drawn physically closer to data, relative to its mass (the amount of data).

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Why Open Data Is Vital for Our Future

Data has been a hot topic in the past few years. It is used for a wide range of purposes, including market analysis, identifying user behavior, and even for making crucial decisions at the government level. Everything relies on data, pushing the technology behind data processing and analysis further.

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Are There Data, Privacy Risks With Legal Research Platforms?

By giving attorneys access to enormous amounts of litigation data, legal research platforms have allowed legal professionals to develop faster, and more targeted, case strategies, briefs and motions. But are these platforms too good to be true?

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Data Quality: Fixing Typos is a $4.5 Billion Market

Years ago, building financial models for banks was exhaustive – this was back when model features were hand-crafted and approved by steering committees. This was pre-deep learning days, where AI was nowhere in sight. Since features were manual, extensive data quality checks were the norm. Analysts and associates in charge of regular audits would notice how data flowed from one system to another – many times it was ‘Garbage in, garbage out’.

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Source: https://mailchi.mp/zigram/data-asset-weekly-dispatch_05_october-2

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