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We first start with an article highlighting the privacy concerns stemming from the access health companies have to the genetic data of customers. Following this, is a piece on Ethnologue, a language database, and how its increased subscription pricing has affected linguists, consultant & student communities world over. Next, we discuss on the increasing attention organizations are giving to data quality and how AI both exacerbates and alleviates data quality issues. We also bring to you a story highlighting a data breach at Estee Lauder which has exposed close to 440 million customer records. The next article explains the power of data and its significance in the financial market. In the end, we bring forward Europe’s approach to win the global battle of industrial data.

Your DNA is a valuable asset, so why give it to ancestry websites for free?

The announcement by 23andMe, a company that sells home DNA testing kits, that it has sold the rights to a promising new anti-inflammatory drug to a Spanish pharmaceutical company is cause for celebration.

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World’s largest linguistics database is getting too expensive for some researchers

It was 2015 when Gary Simons knew that something had to change. That was the year spare funds started to dry up at the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), a Bible translation group that helped revolutionize the documentation of endangered languages in the mid–20th century.

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Estée Lauder Database Exposes 440 Million Records

Estée Lauder is the latest big-name brand to suffer an embarrassing data leak after a researcher discovered 440 million records including plain text emails exposed via an online database.

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The state of data quality in 2020

We suspected that data quality was a topic brimming with interest. Those suspicions were confirmed when we quickly received more than 1,900 responses to our mid-November survey request. 

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The Rising Value of Data in Financial Markets

New oil’ or ‘new gold’ are just some of the phrases used to describe the value of data in financial markets. And rightly so. Data fuels every aspect of the trading process.

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Europe can win global battle for industrial data, says EU industry chief

Europe may have lost the battle to create digital champions capable of taking on U.S. and Chinese companies harvesting personal data, but it can win the war of industrial data, Europe’s industry policy chief said on Saturday.

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