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This week, we begin with a piece on the untapped potential of digital technologies in both beauty & pharmaceutical companies that can be unleashed with data. Next, we have an article on IBC’s suggestion about designing a national dashboard of insolvency data by using the existing data sources to overcome the challenge of cross-validation of data sourced from multiple data banks. Then, we have a research on how governments can use data as a source for earning revenue, i.e., monetize data. Following that, we have an article about the launch of blockchain technology-based data trading contract mode, for Beijing’s goal of becoming a global digital economy hub, in which hospitals also showed interest to work with exchange & data companies. Next is an analysis of using marine geospatial data for protecting our oceans and driving decarbonization. Finally, we have a story on growing efforts to use data for tracking consumer activity within stores to make retail spaces more efficient.

How Digital Transformation Could Change Research And Development For Pharmaceutical And Beauty Companies

Talking about research and development for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries used to conjure up images of scientists isolated in laboratories. Today, digital technology is set to change the field radically; digital factory revenue alone could reach $4.5 billion by 2030, according to ABI Research (via PR Newswire), and pharmaceutical manufacturers could spend $1.2 billion on data analytics by 2030.

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Expert Panel Pitches For National Dashboard For Insolvency Data

An expert panel has suggested designing a national dashboard for insolvency data, saying “reliable real-time data” is essential to assess the performance of the insolvency process under the IBC. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC), which provides for a time-bound and market-linked resolution of stressed assets, has been in force for more than five years now.

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Can Cities Monetize Their Data?

The North Texas Innovation Alliance (NTXIA) is researching how member cities and counties can boost revenue, drive digital transformation and support economic recovery with new financial models and technology solutions, including data monetization. The group issued a call for solutions in this area in June and received 35 responses.

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Beijing’s Big Data Exchange To Build City Into Global Digital Economy Hub

The Beijing International Big Data Exchange launched a blockchain technology-based data trading contract mode on Friday, bringing the capital city’s goal to become a global digital economy hub a step closer. During a Friday online event to show the results of the big data exchange since its launch in March, officials said the data trading exchange has established cooperation with multiple parties, ranging from tech companies and Chinese banks to local governments and hospitals. 

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How Marine Geospatial Data Can Support The Future Of Our Oceans And Truly Make A Difference In The Shipping Industry

Marine data is a vital asset in the fight to protect our oceans, defend our coastlines, and curb shipping’s carbon impact. The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) shares insight into its work that explores how enhanced marine data can help the maritime industry to reduce its emissions, improve our ocean stewardship, and realize the potential of the blue economy.

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How Data Mining May Soon Shape Your Neighborhood

Jordan Fisher was troubled. Every variety of the Red Bull energy drink comes in a similar metallic can, and his company’s camera system, which tracks products that customers pick up in stores, was having trouble distinguishing them. This obstacle was one of many that his company, Standard AI, faced while retrofitting a Circle K convenience store in Tempe, Arizona.

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