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This week we start with a story highlighting the growing concern of deep fakes, and how experts and researchers are working towards creating tools to tackle this problem. After this, an article highlighting the biggest cyberattacks and data breaches of 2019. This is followed by a piece on Myanmar and their efforts to collect biometric data of all citizens. The newsletter also contains an update on U.S. regulatory outlook towards using alternative data to determine creditworthiness. The next story is about a deal between Amazon and the NHS, where NHS has offered free access to its healthcare information for the UK. Lastly, we have included a video by Abraham Thomas of Quandl, telling us about the rising prominence of data and how it has proven itself to be an asset.

How Deepfakes Scramble Our Sense of True and False

“Are you in a precarious situation? … You sound like you can’t talk.” Karah Preiss’ cousin Leslie accused her of being sleepy and distracted and eventually hung up, but didn’t guess the truth. Preiss had placed the call using a software clone of her voice made to demonstrate artificial intelligence’s ability to deceive.

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These are the worst hacks, cyberattacks, and data breaches of 2019

The blight of cyberattacks, criminal hacking groups, and data breaches is not going away anytime soon. For the past few years, there has been a constant stream of data breaches that have hit the headlines, ranging from the theft of medical information, account credentials, corporate emails, and internal sensitive enterprise data.

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Myanmar to introduce mandatory biometric data collection for massive national database

The Ministry of Transport and Communications in Myanmar has come up with a strategy to create a national database of private citizen information by making biometric data collection mandatory when purchasing mobile phone services, The Myanmar Times reports.

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U.S. banking regulators urge ‘responsible use’ of alternative lending data

U.S. banking regulators said on Tuesday that lenders must have robust compliance tools in place to ensure “responsible use” of non-traditional sources of financial data to help determine whether a potential customer is credit worthy.

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NHS gives Amazon free use of health data under Alexa advice deal

Amazon has been given free access to healthcare information collected by the NHS as part of a contract with the government. The material, which excludes patient data, could allow the multinational technology company to make, advertise and sell its own products.

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Abraham Thomas of Quandl presents Data as an Asset

In this presentation, Abraham shares a few examples of why data is beginning to behave more and more like a traditional commodity.

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