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  • This week we begin with an article about how to prevent major database security threats and maintain the integrity of a database. Security teams must adapt and constantly improve to protect against ever-evolving security threats.
  • Next, we have an essay on the top-5 trends in the data recovery market. While backing up the data is vital, its recovery has been the area of concern for the organizations. There is a growing need for diversity in backup and recovery.
  • The following article talks about the future of data-driven banks. As the industry becomes more receptive to open finance and embedded banking, failure to tap the power of data will become a competitive drag.
  • After that, a note explains the benefits of a data quality strategy and how it may improve an organization’s ability to generate value from data, but determining quality depends on the processes and use cases.
  • Next is a piece that talks about the causes of common data quality issues and how can bad data be prevented from entering good pipelines.
  • Finally, we have an article describing that the pursuit of high-quality data has overtaken data security as the most important motivator for data governance initiatives.
Major Database Security Threats & How To Prevent Them

Organizations and businesses must use a range of measures, protocols, and tools to protect their databases from cybercriminals. If breached, malicious actors can gain access to sensitive information that they can use for financial gain. Security teams must adapt and constantly improve to protect against ever-evolving security threats, and maintain the integrity of a database.

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Top-5 Data Recovery Trends

Backup is vital. But recovery has become even more so. Companies no longer have the faith they once had in backup schedules that were supposed to reassure them that their data would be available to them should they ever need it.

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What The Data-driven Bank Of The Future Looks Like

So far, banks and credit unions have not been able to effectively put to work the customer data they possess along with external data customers are willing to share. As the industry becomes more receptive to open finance and embedded banking, failure to tap the power of data will become a competitive drag. McKinsey experts and others show what is possible.

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Understanding The Benefits Of A Data-Quality Strategy

Data quality is essential to enabling businesses to see returns on data collection and analysis investments. Data quality is the degree to which a data set and the process that produces it is fit for its purpose. Accuracy is one significant component of data quality and reflects the degree to which the data conforms to the correct value of a standard.

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Why Bad Data Gets Into Your Perfectly Good Pipelines

Predicting how a data pipeline will break is like trying to predict the future; the near infinite number of outcomes makes it an exercise in futility. Nonetheless, data engineers bravely peer into this vast vortex of possibility and set tests to monitor their pipelines’ reliability. They might create data quality checks based on common failure points, past experiences, or how the tarot cards fell, but they cannot create a test for every outcome.

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Data Quality Now Outranks Security In New Governance Initiatives

Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) and systems management provider Quest Software today released their 2022 State of Data Governance and Empowerment Report, an annual study [subscription required] that identifies challenges and innovations in data governance, data management and data ops. 

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