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This week, we begin with an article discussing the new data governance framework by the Indian government to harmonize data management within the larger government ecosystem. Next is a piece regarding the challenges of data lake being turned into a data swamp & how various solutions including data mesh can solve the issues. Then, we have a story on the launch of a new quantum-safe system, IBM z16 by IBM, to help protect data and systems against current & future threats. Following that, we have an interview with Tim Minahan, executive VC of business strategy at Citrix, about the hybrid work environment & how DaaS solutions may assist solve difficulties by offering unified, secure & reliable access to the apps & data that employees need. Next, is an analysis of the benefits of open banking for financial institutions & their customers pointed out by a McKinsey report and certain recommendations by Forbes to deal with privacy norms. Lastly, we have an essay on the rise of cyberattacks & types of threats that they pose along with the available insurance solutions.

Indian Central Government Preparing New Data Governance Framework for More Efficient Exchange Among Agencies

The central government is preparing to release a new data governance framework to pave the way for the exchange of massive amounts of data among government agencies, a strategy that would increase governance efficiency, openness and accountability. The national data governance framework and policy, which is currently in draft form, will provide protocols and standards for how government agencies process, store, and distribute data within the larger government ecosystem.

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How To Prevent Your Data Lake From Turning Into Data Swamp

Data lakes provide versatility and scalability of storing data that conventional data storage solutions have missed out on for long. The flexibility of schema in a data lake allows users from different operational silos of a business to store, retrieve and utilize multi-structured data from diverse sources.This means customer buying data, supply chain metrics, product behavior on portals and marketing insights can all be comprehensively studied in an integrated manner.

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IBM Unveils Next-Gen System To Safely Process Key Financial Data

Tech giant IBM on Tuesday unveiled a new system, billed as industry’s first quantum-safe system, that will help customers analyse real-time transactions at scale for mission-critical workloads such as credit card, healthcare and financial transactions. Building on the company’s history of security leadership, ‘IBM z16’ is specifically designed to help protect against near-future threats that might be used to crack today’s encryption technologies.

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How Hybrid Work Will Fuel The Adoption Of DaaS

Hybrid work is here to stay, and as companies deploy virtual desktops to enable work from anywhere, IT teams are increasingly challenged with securing their network and sensitive data. We spoke with Tim Minahan, executive vice president of business strategy at Citrix, about how work has changed and how the technologies and policies used to support it need to change with it.

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How Open Data Can Benefit Financial Institutions and Their Customers

Data has never been more plentiful than it is today, and its value and usefulness continue to grow exponentially. For the financial services sector, though, data carries additional concerns related to privacy and security due to the sensitive nature of the data these organizations manage. Finding the right balance between transparency and privacy can be a challenge, but open banking is a platform that could please financial institutions as well as their customers. 

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Taking Cover From Cyberattacks

As enterprises, the government and public rely increasingly on digitalisation, cybersecurity has become pivotal to their basic functioning nowadays. Cyberattacks have been on the rise over the past 12-18 months, affecting businesses of all nature and sizes, where the reliability of the data network is a prerequisite to their operations. As a result, cybersecurity has come to occupy a prime position in a company’s list of governance priorities.

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