Coronavirus Debate, 49 Day Lockdown, Social Distancing Apps, Satellite Imagery, Data Mapping & Our World In Data

This week we begin with a New York Times article about a slowly developing but critical debate on how much coronavirus case data should be made available to the general public. The next article is about a new Coronavirus research, based on a mathematical model for India, that suggests a 49-day lockdown may be necessary to control the COVID-19 epidemic in India. After this is a story about certain organizations using location and related data to map social distancing measures and healthcare across different countries. Then we include an article about the sudden increase in demand for satellite images to ensure remote monitoring of facilities and to estimate the economic impact of the virus. Following this is a piece about the use of data mapping to track healthcare service availability and the spreading of diseases. To end, we include a link to a COVID-19 dedicated research and statistics page by Our World In Data, which is both insightful and comprehensive.

How Much Should The Public Know About Who Has The Coronavirus

SAN JOSE, Calif. — When the first case of the coronavirus in Silicon Valley was discovered in late January, health officials were faced with a barrage of questions: What city did the patient live in? Who had he come in contact with? Which health clinic had he visited before he knew he was infected?

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49-day lockdown necessary to stop coronavirus resurgence in India: Study

The model is possibly the first to include ‘age and social contact structure of the Indian population’ when assessing the impact of social distancing on the COVID-19 pandemic in the country

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Like it or not, tech companies can use your phone location data to map social distancing

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, businesses from Ford to Facebook have offered up their services, money, and face mask stashes to try to help. Some companies that deal in your data are stepping up, too, offering their data analysis services to try to track or stop the spread of the virus.

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Pandemic fuels demand for satellite imagery

SAN FRANCISCO – Demand is growing for satellite imagery to gauge the economic impact of the new coronavirus and to conduct remote monitoring of facilities and infrastructure.

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Data mapping key to track disease spread and plug health gaps, experts say

At least half of the global population currently lacks access to essential health services, challenging the ability of development stakeholders to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 3 over the next 10 years. Many of the hardest-to-reach populations live in rural areas lacking detailed maps, without which health care workers might not even know that these communities exist.

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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) – Statistics and Research

The COVID-19 outbreak is an unprecedented global public health challenge. In order for governments, organisations and individuals to respond to it effectively, it will be vital that they have easy access to good, clear data and a good understanding of what can and can not be said based on the available data.

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