China & ESG, IHS Markit Acquisition, Court Record Database, Weaponization of Data, Geolocation and Brazil Data Leak

This week we begin with an article on a wave of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) driven investments in China amidst strict regulations and investor demand. Next is a piece by Forbes on S&P Global’s agreement to acquire IHS Markit in a deal valued at a record $44 Billion, making it the largest corporate transaction in 2020. The following article is on leaders of the judiciary opposing legislation to create a national database of court records. Next, we have a LinkedIn article by Abhishek Bali on “Weaponisation of Data” or leveraging of data by governments and organizations as an offense or defense mechanism rather than using it for economic or business gain. Following this, is a piece about SunCalc, a geolocation tool that allows users to analyze the position of the Sun and shadows at any point of time and any given location. To end, we cover a data leak that made the personal information and medical records of 243 Million Brazilians potentially accessible for six months.

A Green Wave of ESG is Poised to Break Over China

2020 marks a watershed year for the global economy.  The case for a heightened focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) concerns has been clearly laid out both by business leaders and other experts. It will likely fuel a wave of responsible investment that is already becoming a mainstream phenomenon in global capital markets – and is increasingly so in China.

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The Data Land-Grab Continues As S&P Global Acquires IHS Markit For $44 Billion

In the largest announced corporate transaction of the year, this week S&P Global entered into a $44 billion agreement to acquire IHS Markit, thereby forming a data solutions and services behemoth intended to rival Bloomberg, Intercontinental Exchange, and Refinitiv Holdings.

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Lawmakers are Trying to Create a Database With Free Access to Court Records. Judges Are Fighting Against it.

Leaders of the federal judiciary are working to block a bipartisan legislation designed to create a national database of court records that would provide free access to case documents. Backers of the bill, who are pressing for a House vote in the coming days, envision a streamlined, user-friendly system that would allow citizens to search for court documents and dockets without having to pay.

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The Weaponization Of Data

There aren’t too many pop-culturally famous scientists in the world today. Among this dwindling but extremely visible group is Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. He once theorized that most of mankind’s greatest and most ambitious projects are usually driven and motivated by three forces: Religion, Dictators and War.

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Using the Sun and the Shadows for Geolocation

Most people who have been verifying photos and videos for some time will already be aware of a tool called SunCalc, which chronolocates a video or image. What is less well known is that the position of shadows and the sun can also be useful for geolocation. For those not in the know, SunCalc lets users analyze the position of shadows and the sun at any given time and date, at any given location.

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Leak Left 243 million Brazilians’ Medical Records and Personal Info Ripe for The Picking

The personal information of more than 243 million Brazilians was potentially accessible for at least six months thanks to weakly encoded credentials kept in the source code of the Brazilian Ministry of Health’s website. The security issue was first reported by Brazilian Publication Estadao.

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