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This week, we begin with an article exploring how the lack of disaggregated financial disclosures from big techs are helping the firms in growing their market dominance. Next is a piece about turning the unstructured or dark data into a valuable asset. Then, we have an article that talks about the problems in open access or open sharing of various data industries like weather data, engines data & emissions data, and the role of ESG requirements in solving the issues. Following that, we have a story examining the different benefits of real-time data in the fashion industry, ranging from transparency to driving accountability. Next is an analysis of the role of data exchange, i.e., sending and receiving data, for B2B firms in fulfilling the requirement of fresh data in businesses. Lastly, we have an essay highlighting the necessity of charting data like datasaurus dozen, a collection of datasets, rather than solely relying on summary statistics.

Big Tech Must Stop Hiding Financial Data

In 2021, Alphabet (Google’s parent), Amazon, Apple, Meta (Facebook’s new alias) and Microsoft were among the world’s largest companies in terms of revenue and profit. These five companies alone increased their market capitalisation by an amount greater than Italy’s GDP(US$2.5 trillion versus US$2.1 trillion).

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The Unseen Data Conundrum

By 2025, IDC estimates there will be 175 zettabytes of data globally (that’s 175 with 21 zeros), with 80% of that data being unstructured. Ninety percent of unstructured data is never analyzed. This so-called dark data comprises ancillary data collected from various sources like capturing statistics on processes, monitoring services, raw survey data, etc.

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Frank Coles: Disruption Of ESG And Data Sharing

Over the last twenty years we have seen continuous discussions about the need for open sharing of data.  Recently this has become more pronounced. Also there has been some articles relating to weather reports and emissions that have seemed to have created a stir. Often I think the technology vendors along with the maritime media create a mesh mash of confusion for the owners and customers in general.

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6 Mind-Blowing Benefits Of Real-Time Data In The Fashion Industry

The conversation around real-time data has gained momentum over time. With the pandemic pushing people to opt for hybrid working models and maintaining social distancing, there is an increased focus on real-time data and obtaining timely insights. Real-time data has been instrumental in driving growth across the industries.

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The Importance Of Business Data Exchange

If there is one thing that has defined the last few decades of business, it is the ever-growing importance of informational assets. Companies constantly produce, gather, and acquire immense volumes of data both as part of their daily procedures and for their business intelligence goals. This necessity for fresh data in business and investment has made it a very marketable commodity. 

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What Is Datasaurus Dozen And Its Relevancy In Data Science

Summary statistics are useful because they condense a huge number of observations into a single figure that is simple to understand and share. This property explains why averages and correlations are so widely used, from introductory statistics courses to newspaper stories to scholarly papers. The caveat is that they are frequently insufficient to describe the entire picture, as exemplified by the “datasaurus dozen,” a collection of datasets.

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