AI Should Pay For Your Data, Music, Crypto Assets, Dangers Of A Mental Health Database, Cows and An Inforgraphic

By some measures, most of the decisions taken by businesses today, are either made or assisted by machines. These machines are dependent on AI and ML models, which in turn are dependent on the right training of these models. And what do they require?… Data. Specifically, your Data, especially in cases where the decisions involved are related to you or individuals like you. Our first article is based on the argument, that if there is value in building these models, then individuals should be paid for the data used to train them.

In addition, we cover a wide range of impact areas with our stories this week. This includes, music streaming, managing crypto-currency risk through data assets, the issue with building a mental health database, a database for cows & livestock and an inforgraphic about how much data is created each minute across well-known platforms.


ROBERT CHANG, A Stanford ophthalmologist, normally stays busy prescribing drops and performing eye surgery. But a few years ago, he decided to jump on a hot new trend in his field: artificial intelligence. Doctors like Chang often rely on eye imaging to track the development of conditions like glaucoma. With enough scans, he reasoned, he might find patterns that could help him better interpret test results.

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Music Streaming’s Real Value for Most Artists Is Data, Not Money

When Metallica books a tour, the band doesn’t just prepare to play its biggest hits in the biggest cities — it uses granular Spotify data to tease out the specific preferences of its city-specific fanbases, tailoring set lists to location, Spotify’s CEO Daniel Ek revealed on an earnings call last summer.

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ECB Says It Plans to Use More On-Chain Data to Monitor Crypto Assets

The European Central Bank (ECB) has issued a new report indicating that it plans to use more on-chain data to better monitor the crypto markets. 

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A Mental Health Database Is Stigmatizing, Harmful & Not The Answer To Gun Violence

In this op-ed, writer Lux Alptraum explains why call to make a mental health database to prevent guns from being purchased by people living with mental illness is stigmatizing and harmful.

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Aadhaar for cows and buffaloes: India is developing world’s largest livestock database

A numerical database just like Aadhaar cards, which carry a 12-digit number that establishes the unique identity of every citizen of India, will now be available for cows and buffaloes. This unique identification number that is currently being developed will track the population of livestock.

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How Much Data Is Collected Every Minute Of The Day

In every single minute across the world, places are collecting data at a speed that would shock anyone. While one half of the world sleeps, the other half is starting their day with social media, Skype meetings and messaging. Meaning that literally data never sleeps.

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